How to Use Exercise to Correct Diastasis Recti


When one suffers from diastasis recti after a full term pregnancy, the lady can be grateful that she doesn’t also have a hernia. There are exercises to correct diastasis recti that can be done at home or with a physiotherapist.

The best place to look for these exercises is online on YouTube or through programs if one wants to stay at home and correct the issue. Always though do so under the supervision and with permission from a physician.

Current research and Harvard Health agree that sit-ups and crunches are not good for the back of a healthy person. So especially avoid these when performing exercises to correct diastasis recti.

Women can visit The American Physical Therapy Association’s website to find a physical therapist who can work on DRA issues. Just visit the “women’s health” section to get connected with a professional in one’s area. Remember to use caution and seek medical supervision.

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